Re: [greenstone-devel] OAI compliant

From George Buchanan @ mdx
DateTue, 3 Jun 2003 15:21:27 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] OAI compliant
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> Could someone tell me if the default configuration of Greenstone is OAI
> compliant ?

Do you mean to ask if the default Greenstone installation provides an OAI
server? Alternatively, do you want to present an OAI collection on another
machine in a Greenstone interface? On the other hand, are you asking about
the compliance of metadata formats?

Greenstone is itself a digital library server, and it isn't intended to
provide OAI support (as a client or server) directly, as i) Greenstone
predates OAI by quite some way, ii) OAI is not intended for use by end users
directly (its just a protocol - so it needs an interface!), iii) OAI is an
impoverished sub-set of general digital library protocols such as DIENST
from which it is descended.

We've (I've) got an OAI server under development, and Greenstone can build a
collection from the contents of an OAI collection on another machine.

In the case of the OAI server, your own collection would need to be either
OAI compatible (i.e. using Dublin Core, unqualified, or RFC1807) metadata
formats, or be capable of being mapped to one of those, satisfying all
required fields. In Greenstone, the metadata fields are selected by the
collection creator, so to have a "compatible" collection you would require
both an appropriately structured Greenstone collection and the
as-yet-unreleased OAI server software.

I hope that this is helpful.