Re: [greenstone-users] searches with special characters

From roman chyla
DateTue, 03 Jun 2003 11:44:53 +0200 (CEST)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] searches with special characters
In-Reply-To (20030529212632-GD30800-wesson-cs-waikato-ac-nz)
> Greenstone handles non-ascii characters just fine - you can search
> and retrieve accented and non-Western characters. If you are using
> mgpp instead of mg (mg is the default) for the backend of your collections
> then I think there is a slight problem with the search form
> when using Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, although an update
> to one of the macro config files fixes this. However most people
> will be using mg collections anyway.
> John McPherson
hi all,

but you should know this

Mgpp offers more
-easy searching for metadata (--> structurizing collections)
-using search form (not everybody is familiar with |&!)
-proximity searching

The mentioned patch fixed "the slight problem" for Netscape and IE6,
but not for older IE (Stefan Boddie may be something coooking; if you
are unpatient mail me and I will send you search form that works in
old NN a IE - and therefore in newer ones too)

there is one thing that MGPP does not - building index at paragraph
level (at least on Windows)

so, In my opininion - simple collections mg, less simple coll mgpp

(thanks to both development teams)



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