[greenstone-users] removing a particular existing document in a collection

From deepak kumar
Date3 Jun 2003 10:43:33 -0000
Subject [greenstone-users] removing a particular existing document in a collection
can i disable the listing of some existing file in a
As in increamental building we can add new documents[files] to a
collection .
if some one wants to remove a single document from existing
collection, how is it carried out?

for example in the archive of greenstone list some spam mail get
listed [by mistake] and is noticed after few days. obviously that
spam mail should be removed from the list.
if you want to remove a particular listed mail, how will you do
it? is there such a feature greenstone offers to remove a
particular document from an existing collection.

if yes then how? or if there is any other technique to disable a
particular document from the listed document of a
collection[though that exist but not displyed to the user].


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