[greenstone-devel] Re: [greenstone-users] PDFPplug failed!!!

From Greg Peterson
DateSat, 14 Jun 2003 02:40:46 +0900 (JST)
Subject [greenstone-devel] Re: [greenstone-users] PDFPplug failed!!!
I am also having some PDF trouble.

On Fri, 13 Jun 2003 14:47:09 +0530
"Ravi Verma" <raviv@goldwire.com> wrote:

> I am using Greenstone 2.38 on windows NT. when i build a collection for some
> pdf documents, PDFPplug failed.
> Exact error msg is "document.pdf: PDFPlug failed to convert to HTML". Pls

I just installed Greenstone-2.39 on Solaris (SPARC) and
then built a collection of the four Greenstone PDF documents.

When I view the "titles a-z" I see four entries like this:

[text icon] [PDF icon] Microsoft Word - Develop-en.doc

I have no idea where the Microsoft Word doc stuff comes from.
When I built the collection, I just left the configuration (plugins,
etc.) as it appeared.

One problem was that some Perl scripts were not executable, so
I changed the permissions (chmod 0755 $GSDLHOME/bin/scripts/*.pl).
But that did not change the output of the build process.

Also, I found that viewing this collection of PDF files as text with
a graphical browser does not work. When I click the text icon, the
text briefly appears, and then it is replaced by a "double-wide"
Greenstone image that overlaps the narrower image along the left
side. I set my preferences to "textual interface", but that icon on
the left side still replaces the text. I tried Netscape 7
(GNU/Linux Japanese version) on FreeBSD, Microsoft Internet
Explorer 5.5 (Japanese) on Windows ME, and Mozilla 1.4b on Microsoft
Windows ME.

When I view the collection with a text-mode browser (lynx or w3m),
it works okay. These browsers do not use JavaScript, so I suspect a
problem in the Greenstone JavaScript code.

This problem does not occur with a collection of e-mail messages
that were in separate files. I have not tried other file formats.

Greg Peterson <peterson@notredame.ac.jp>
Kyoto Notre Dame University