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From Katherine Don
DateMon, 30 Jun 2003 09:50:09 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] formatting difficulties -
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hi beth

I've just had a look at the classifier output - it seems to be a general
problem - an extra </table> tag is being output where it shouldn't be. do
you have the source code for greenstone? there is one line that needs
changing in src/recpt/vlistbrowserclass.cpp

in my version its line 167 (this may be different if you have a different
version), just at the end of method output_section_group
(the second one)


if (colnumber > 0) textout << outconvert <<
"</table></td></tr></table> ";


if (colnumber > 0) textout << outconvert << "</td></tr></table> ";

then you need to recompile.

I think this should fix your problem.

some of the macros are also a bit weird. a table that is started in

is finished in
instead of
but if you have kept the same table tags for any macros you have
overwritten, this shouldn't be a problem.

if you need any more help with this, please let me know


Beth Nicol wrote:

> I have a collection of postcards (essentially an image collect) which
> indexed by Title and Place. Place is a hierarchy - so that you can
> select a town and then expand it to show all related images.
> I am trying to use some page formatting seems to be revealing some
> inconsistencies - that may be a part of the cgi code... if you look at
> you see that the
> little grey line that surrounds the information works just fine for the
> home, as well as the search & query result pages, the list by Title and
> the first level of Place names. But, expand a given place name and the
> table seems to be closed prematurely and the line gets really messed
> up...
> So - is this just a function of what the receptionist returns to the
> screen? Or, have I really messed up the format by trying to do something
> too fancy?
> Any hints are welcome... if the answer is "that's just what the code
> gives you back" - I'll quit beating my head on the wall and live with
> it....
> I can provide the collect.cfg to anyone willing to look at it with me
> (it's based on Gordon Payntor's Photograph collection config).
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> Auburn University Libraries
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