Re: [greenstone-users] New to Greenstone and need help

From Tod Olson
DateWed, 09 Jul 2003 14:28:41 -0500
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] New to Greenstone and need help
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>>>>> "TK" == Teresa Kiser <> writes:

TK> I am hoping that I am not in over my head and will be able to
TK> figure all of this out. Greenstone has been downloaded and
TK> installed on our library's server. We would like to convert our
TK> current digitized collection residing at
TK> and use greenstone instead
TK> of the cumbersome system we currently have. However, we want to
TK> keep the same hierarchy to the collection. Other than the basic
TK> .html pages we currently have that introduce the collections, the
TK> actual collection is in .jpg format. I am trying to understand the
TK> documentation in regards to .jpg files. The greenstone software
TK> resides on a Unix machine. The image files we have created in our
TK> current collection do not include metadata (I know, a failing on
TK> our part but we are a small library with limited resources so
TK> we're doing the best we can just to make our archives
TK> available). So, since I am not importing any metadata as such do I
TK> still need the image plugin? I would really like our collection to
TK> look like the Greenstone example Chopin collection so they can
TK> flip through the images within a subcollection.

Chopin Early Editions involved a lot of programming to customize the
imported Greenstone documents, for a variety of reasons. Probably not
the easiest starting point.

That said, there is obviously some metadata that are associated with
the files: they are in some collection, they have titles. One could
pull the title information and filenames together for a collection as
an external metadata file, using that as a starting place. See
pp. 333-35 of Witten and Bainbridge "How to Build a Digital Library."
If you don't have this book, consider buying it. This is also covered
in the developer's guide, pp. 34-36 in the gsdl 2.38 version, but the
Witten and Bainbridge book is much more useful.

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