[greenstone-users] mgpp in gsdl 2.40

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 03 Jul 2003 15:10:33 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] mgpp in gsdl 2.40
hi all,

As you may have noticed in the email about the new release of gsdl , we
have a modified configuration file format for mgpp.

For those that are interested, here is a brief description of the
Also, note that the mgpp user guide that is part of the release is an
old version. For the modified version, please get it from



part of a sample config file:

creator greenstone@cs.waikato.ac.nz
public true

searchtype form plain
indexes allfields text metadata Title Subject
levels document section

collectionmeta .text "book content"
collectionmeta .allfields "all fields"
collectionmeta .Title "book titles"
collectionmeta .Subject "Subjects"
collectionmeta .Organization "Orgs"

collectionmeta .document "book"
collectionmeta .section "chapter"

plugin GAPlug
plugin HTMLPlug

* no longer use buildtype. use searchtype instead. specify fom and/or
plain search types. The first one (if both are specified) is the
default, the other can be selected from the preferences page
* if searchtype is specified, mgpp will be used to build the
collection, otherwise mg will be used.
* index fields are separated by spaces, (and are all built into one
physical index)
* there is a new keyword for indexes - allfields - this specifies the
all fields entry in the field list that used to be there by default, but
must now be specified. it provides a search over all the other fields
* the order of the indexes items is the order they appear in the index
list. This list is used as the index list on the plain search pages, and
the field list on the form search pages.
* 'metadata' can still be specified in indexes- will index all available
metadata found in the documents.
* levels now can use lower case (section) or title case (Section). if
levels is omitted, it will use document level, otherwise, it will only
use the specified levels. so you can now have a collection with only
section level by specifying 'levels section'. to get both section and
document, you need to write 'levels document section'
* paragraph level now works, but is only available for plain searching.
Each metadata element is placed in a separate paragraph for indexing so
it makes no sense to have paragraph level form searching.
* collectionmeta for the indexes now specifies each item individually,
and is optional. defaults will be used for those items not specified.
collectionmeta can also be specified for the levels.
* the level tags used internally are no longer Document and Section, we
use Doc, Sec and Para. This will not affect anything except if you try
to use the Queryer program: its default level is Document, which will no
longer match the levels actually used in the index. so the level (using
the .i and .l commands) must be changed before searching will be

* old mgpp collections will not work properly with gs 2.40, so you
should rebuild them to work with the new software.

I think that is all. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.