Re: [greenstone-users] Utilizing Metadata

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 07 Jul 2003 09:49:55 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Utilizing Metadata
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have you added classify entries to your configuration file?

classify Hierarchy -hfile sub.txt -metadata Subject -sort Title
classifiy DateList

have a look at teh collect.cfg file in the demo collection in your greenstone
installation for examples. you could also take a look at
for some discussion on configuration files.

also, your metadata file should be called metadata.xml, and it has a specific xml
format. the demo collection also uses metadata, so have a look at the
import/metadata.xml file for the format. also check the format of sub.txt etc
against teh demo collection ones.

if you still cant get it to work, you could send me your collect.cfg, metadata.xml
and sub.txt files and I could take a look for you.

cheers, katherine wrote:

> Hi,
> I am just a new user of greenstone. I would like to build a collection with
> feature similar to those demo collections shown on, such as
> classified the documents according to organization, subject, author, and dates
> etc.
> I know that I need to supply relevant metadata in order to acheive that. I
> wrote a short medata file (with no extension, so it's not an xml or txt file
> etc). and I put every thing in one directory and import it. Even thogh the
> metadata file was not being mistakenly treated as a normal file and no error
> was generated during building process. However, I still only have one option,
> that's the search on top of the page. There's no subject, date, and
> organization categories etc.
> I do use -use_metadata_files with RECplug , -description_tags, -
> metadata_fields arguments with Html plug. And I also have written sub.txt,
> org.txt etc and put them in the etc directory in my collection folder.
> Can anyone just tell me what did I do wrong? and how could I solve the problem?
> Thanks
> Kim Hsieh
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