Re: [greenstone-users] DateList Question and one more question

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 15 Jul 2003 12:05:31 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] DateList Question and one more question
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hi Kim

DateList will automatically put years across the top if there are enough
documents - there need to be at least 40 documents for this to occur. I think
that it will make one link for each year to start with, but will try and compact
the lists under each year - so years that only have a few documents in each will
get squashed together into eg 1990-1995 type list.

for the second point, you will need to edit the C++ source in order to use your
program, unless you can write it in javascript - you could add javascript
function to process the querystring before submitting the query form - look at in gsdl/macros.
otherwise, you should call it from queryaction.cpp or in one of the methods in
querytools.cpp that is used by queryaction.cpp. (in gsdl/src/recpt)

hope this helps,
Katherine Don wrote:

> Hi,
> As shown on the computists' weekly's demo on I am just
> wondering how could I make a hList of years on the top of the page. Right
> now, I only have a VList sort of arrangement on display. Is it that I only
> need to change the format string to make the HList type of display. Or I need
> to do something else to make that become possible?
> My second questions is that I write a little program that would process
> all the input by the user. For example, if the user types socialism in the
> textbox for searching. My program would add the word "anti-". so now, the
> search will be actually on the word: anti-socialism, instead of socialism, the
> word the user input. How could I add this program into Greenstone, so it
> would run in the background without user's notice? I don't think I can achieve
> this by changing some macro files, can I? or do I have to do something with
> the original C++ source code?
> thanks for the advice,
> Kim Hsieh
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