[greenstone-users] More newbie doubts

From Emiliano Marmonti
DateThu, 17 Jul 2003 22:24:03 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] More newbie doubts
Hello All

I have a doubt, is there a way to include in a collection, two documents
but only metadata for one (that references to the originall two
documents). That is, my problem is that I will receive documents in a
variety of formats (ps, .doc, latex, etc). I wish to convert all of this
to HTML and make the appropiate sections. But I wish that the user has
the posibility to download the original document. Perhaps could be a
solution to convert all to, for example, PDF and send it to HTML Plug?
Could I trust in PDF Plug for this "format union" or somebody has a
better suggestion?

Thanks a lot