Re: [greenstone-users] building the Demo collection on a Mac

From John R. McPherson
DateTue, 22 Jul 2003 13:09:25 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] building the Demo collection on a Mac
In-Reply-To (BB41B3B5-FD0%jfurner-ucla-edu)
Jonathan Furner wrote:
> Hi, I'm a Greenstone newbie trying to get things up and running under Mac OS
> X. I think I've figured out the basic install, but when it comes to using
> the Collector I've got a bit stuck. I gather that the version of the Demo
> collection that comes with the Mac distribution (2.39) is unbuilt, so, in
> order to see it, I need to build it from the command line. I don't know much
> about Unix but I'm following the instructions in the Developer's Guide,
> where it says I need to start with the "source setup.csh" command. But no
> setup files seem to be included with the Mac distribution, so when I enter
> the source command I just get a "file not found" error message. And if I
> then try to run, it tells me GSDLHOME is not set. Can anyone tell
> me how I can put things right? Thanks a lot!

I think the setup.csh file is missing from the mac package due to
an oversight.
The Collector web interface is disabled in the mac binary package,
because there is no installer and it seems dangerous to have it
enabled in a default install with a default password. So, you have to
edit the greenstone/etc/main.cfg file and look for a line that says
collector disabled
and change it to say "enabled". And then change the default password
for the admin user. The problem with this is that the apache user
needs to be able to write to a particular file to store the password
in. This file is greenstone/etc/users.db - perhaps the easiest
thing to do is delete this file, then create a new one that
is owned by the "www" user (apache runs as this user on mac os x).
From a terminal (in the greenstone/etc directory):
$ rm users.db
$ touch users.db
and then so that the www user can write to it, do one of the following
1) if you have an adminstrator account on the machine, you can do:
$ su
$ chown www users.db
to make "www" the owner of the file, or
$ chmod a+rw users.db
but this means that any user with access to the machine can edit the
file, so be careful if you do it this way.

Hopefully there'll be an updated Mac OS X binary package released
later this week that includes the changes up to greestone version 2.40
and fixes the above oversights.

John McPherson