Re: [greenstone-users] More newbie doubts

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 29 Jul 2003 15:10:28 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] More newbie doubts
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Hi Emiliano,

You are trying to use what we call "associated files", which are a little
complex in Greenstone. A good starting point is Gordon Paynter's e-mail
"all about associated files":

I'll summarise the main points here:

- Some plugins (eg. PDFPlug and WordPlug) do what you want by default. That
is, they convert the source document (.pdf, .doc) to HTML and index this,
but allow the user to download the original document. To see an example of
this, try the "msword and pdf demonstration" collection on If all your
documents were PDF or Word documents (or, as you point out, you could
convert all your documents to one of these formats), then everything should
work fine.

- A more general solution is to associate the documents yourself. When
building your collection, you would add a new metadata element to each of
the documents - this metadata element would store the filename of the
associated (original) file. After building your collection, you would put
all of the original documents in the index/assoc directory. Finally, you
would change the format statement for search results to display a link to
the original document. (Gordon's e-mail explains this whole process in a
bit more depth.)

Hope this is understandable.



Emiliano Marmonti wrote:

> Hello All
> I have a doubt, is there a way to include in a collection, two documents
> but only metadata for one (that references to the originall two
> documents). That is, my problem is that I will receive documents in a
> variety of formats (ps, .doc, latex, etc). I wish to convert all of this
> to HTML and make the appropiate sections. But I wish that the user has
> the posibility to download the original document. Perhaps could be a
> solution to convert all to, for example, PDF and send it to HTML Plug?
> Could I trust in PDF Plug for this "format union" or somebody has a
> better suggestion?
> Thanks a lot
> Emiliano.
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