Re: [greenstone-users] co-existence of PDF and Html files

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 29 Jul 2003 16:55:02 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] co-existence of PDF and Html files
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hi dave,

1. you could try testing on the existence of srclink metadata, eg

2. to get the paged navigation your document needs to have only 2 levels
(nesting) of sections - ie


if you have only one level, then you just get teh whole document displayed each
time. if you have more than 2 levels, you go into a hierarchical browsing, with
table of contents at teh top.
all the sections should be in teh same file.

hope this helps,
Katherine Don

Dave S wrote:

> Hi,
> As a new user, I have come across a few problems that baffles me again.
> Really appreciate for the answer I have got for my previous questions from
> this mailing list.
> 1. I have a mixed collection of PDF and html files, and I can't find a way
> to stop Greenstone from offering the users access to the converted html
> verison of the PDF. I tried to use [srclink]..[srclink] in the format
> string to just show the source icon. However, by doing it this way, my other
> parts of the collection, the html files, won't be able to be opened, because
> they dont have the source icon. So is there a way to write a conditional
> statement in the format string to avoid this dilemma? (eg. let's say a
> conditional statement that would use [link]..[/link] for html file and
> [srclink]..[srclink] for PDF fiels respectively) Is it possible?
> 2. My second question is how do I make a book - like collection as the
> Project Gutenberg shown on I want to have a book like
> interface, so peopel can browse the document by page. What should I do to
> get that kind of interface? And I also have one question about the nature
> of the document. So in order to have a book-like interface, do I have to
> insert tags like <section>..</section> to indicate where each page should
> be. Or do I have to actually segment the long html document into say 30
> smaller, individual html files, each of them represent one page of the book?
> Thanks for the advice,
> Dave S,
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