[greenstone-devel] Classifiers

From Stephen.DeGabrielle@ntu.edu.au
DateTue, 15 Jul 2003 12:08:25 +0930
Subject [greenstone-devel] Classifiers

We have a number of documents with a number of metadata fields.
When browsing classifications it would be good to limit the number of items
displayed, and have those items sorted.

Is there a way to create a classifier that works on two independant
metadata fields;
The top level being a a-z hlist split into groups as required (a-k l-z
0-9)(main Metadata field)
The next level being a compact list (bookshelf icon) (main metadata field)
the next level being hlist a-z split (a-k l-z 0-9) as required metadata
field 2
The bottom vlist being the leaves; sorted by the metadata field 2.

AZCompactList seems to go some of the way- but I am unsure how to change it
to get the extra two levels (Or and arbitary number of levels = 2*number of
metadata fields - with the A-Z Hlists dissapearing if required...)

Is there a way to do this? It will become more useful as the number of
documents increase - especially where many have the same metadata values.



PS I am trawling through AZCompactList.pm to get my head around it.