[greenstone-users] Further Clarification

From Dave S
DateTue, 29 Jul 2003 09:46:19 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Further Clarification

Yesterday, I posted a question concerning about generating the book-like
interface for browsing as shown in the Project Gutenburg on www.nzdl.org
Thanks to Katharine's reply, but I am still a bit confused and would like to
seek further consultance on this topic.

So I need to insert a 2-level <section> <section>..</section></section>
tags. so what exactly have to be included between <section>..</section>?
For instance, something like <description><metadata name="Title">Page
1</metadata></description> or <description><metadata name="Page">Page
1</metadata></description> ? And what things do I also have to put in the
collect.cfg to indicate a book-like interface instead of a normal 2-level
hierarchical browsing structure with the table of contents on top, which is
what I get now?

Dave S,

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