[greenstone-users] Mirroring with GLI

From Jim Trott
DateSat, 2 Aug 2003 15:42:57 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] Mirroring with GLI
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I am really liking the GLI utility. Very helpful.

I stumbled across Hunt and Mirror and wondered how to be able to use it.

I am using Greenstone 2.40 on a Windows XP Professional computer.

The help file says you have to use the
Argument. I tried it in the command line and changing the gatherer.bat file.
Neither worked.

Next, I modified the GLIconfig.xml file:
I changed workflow.mirror argument to TRUE.
This brought up the Mirror tab (tho not the Hunt tab mentioned in the help
It also caused the following Java error, reported in the Command Prompt box:

at org.greenstone.gatherer.gui.GUIManager.afterDisplay(GUIMana39)
at org.greenstone.gatherer.Gatherer.run(Gatherer.java:268)
at org.greenstone.gatherer.Gatherer.main(Gatherer.java:532)

When I tried entering a URL and downloading, nothing happens

What am I missing?

Jim Trott