[greenstone-devel] GLI

From orlyn
Date26 Aug 2003 10:34:02 +0800
Subject [greenstone-devel] GLI
Good day! I have some inquires about GLI. As know we have tried
converting GLI to become web accessible via applet. Though suggested
that the package distributed right now would not be suited for
deliverance as it not been modularized yet, we have somehow come up an
idea just for experiment by inserting an applet class in Gatherer.jar
that will just call and pass an required argument to the main method.
The mechanism tends to be working when we emulated in a small
application but not on GLI. It splats an security exception.

Is this the part where jarsigning and certification comes?
Any alternative methods? Further information about GLI applet would be

Also I'm having trouble in enabling the mirror feature. need help in
complete command!

For the last part. Is the subsectioning of documents available in GLI?