Re: [greenstone-users] More work with Gatherer/Greenstone

From Emiliano Marmonti
DateThu, 28 Aug 2003 03:12:14 -0300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] More work with Gatherer/Greenstone
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Hi John

> Unfortunately the lock file problem is a little more difficult to solve.
> It is true that when a collection is loaded, it continually checks what
> files are present in the collection, and so would remain up to date in
> this regard no matter how many users are changing files. The problem
> lies in the accompaning data files such as metadata.xml files. These are
> loaded into memory when the collection is loaded, then written back out

OK I understand the problem. But using your instructions about the permanent
setting (or hiding) of the "Tabs", perhaps could have in the windows
workstation one gli only for Gathering and enrich, in Linux two gli's, one for
gathering/enrichment and other exclusive for design and build, and have an
special user that could do so (design & build), ensuring that all the other
gli's are off. Do you think this could work? I have seen in the dictionary that
are messages for users and passwords, are the same than gsdl? Could I introduce
some security features to the access of the gli?

> Thanks for your input,

Thanks a lot for your super-quick answer. I think the next week we could start
the work. Perhaps will ask some questions about gsdl...


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