Re: [greenstone-users] what's the cgi argument for classifiers?

From Tod Olson
DateWed, 13 Aug 2003 12:46:18 -0500
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] what's the cgi argument for classifiers?
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>>>>> "DS" == Dave S <> writes:

DS> I am just wondering what are the exact cgi arguments for
DS> classifier, such as Date classifier or Subject classfier for a
DS> collection.
DS> For instance, if I have a collection named Dave, I know that the
DS> cgi argument for the query page of the collection is
DS> /cgi-bin/library?a=q&c=Dave&p=about&ct=1&qto=3&qt=1&w=utf-8
DS> Therefore, I am just looking for a similar cgi arguments for the
DS> classifiers.

Classifiers are identified by the order they are defined in the
collect.cfg. The "cl" arg specifies a classifier, and they are named
"CL#." So this would create a link to the third classifier defined:


You also see this numbering convention in the collect.cfg format

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