Re: [greenstone-devel] GLI for remote access

From John M Thompson
DateWed, 06 Aug 2003 13:43:18 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] GLI for remote access
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Hello Ivy,

Currently the GLI doesn't support remote access, and has to be run on
the same machine that the Greenstone software is installed on.

There are plans to redesign GLI to make it available as an applet. This
applet would give users the ability to choose which 'workflow'
components they wanted to have (such as choosing just the browse,
mirror, gather and enrich modules), and also consider the problems of
trying to remotely store and manage collections (keeping security
permissions firmly in mind).

There are many issues to consider when approaching this problem, not
least of which being the size of the resulting applet. Also, as the
software has grown a little bit wildly, there are some subtle
interlinking/interactions between the various modules which would have
to be engineered out/around.

However we are right in the middle of beta testing/debugging the
application version, and I can't see us getting on to more interesting
development for a month or two.

John T
Greenstone Digital Library, University of Waikato
New Zealand

Ivy Cabeza wrote:

>we found your application very useful. we already set up a gsdl server
>and we wanted to manipulate the collections and files (add,edit,delete
>metadata) remotely, say a web interface to manipulate the metadata,
>specify sections on the document, etc. i would like to ask if it is
>possible to make use of GLI for remote collection manipulation. we need
>that feature to offer collection building to other institutions. do you
>have any other suggestions on how we could do this?
>thank you very much.
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