[greenstone-devel] Re: About Gatherer

From John M Thompson
DateMon, 11 Aug 2003 10:34:37 +1200
Subject [greenstone-devel] Re: About Gatherer
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Hello Emiliano,

Thanks for the encouragement regarding the Gatherer (which has been
rebranded the Greenstone Librarian Interface or GLI for short).

The source code for the GLI is included with any 2.40a download of
Greenstone, available here:


If you have a recent version of CVS installed you can also checkout the
up to date source code using this command:
cvs -d
co gli

Currently GLI doesn't handle bibliographic collections very well, but
support for them is being developed even as I speak. Once in place it
will make use of the new Greenstone OAIPlug. For an example of a
collection built using this plugin see:


I'm not exactly sure what you are asking in your last question. If you
mean can you install GLI under windows the answer is yes. However I
believe you are asking if its possible to run GLI remotely, with a small
front-end gui, on the windows platform, sending data over a
network/internet to a file repository on your server. This is the most
requested feature for the GLI, and we are planning to provide it by
creating a GLI Applet which contains only the gui features you require,
and which is set up to transfer data to some central repository. The
details of this extension will be worked out over the next few months,
but it is not an easy task with many issues to consider, and I can't see
it being done any time soon. In your situation you may be able to
install GSDL on the server, then install the GLI on the Windows machine.
You can then set up GLI using the path to your servers GSDL
installation. This way GLI would store its files on your server. However
I'm not a networking person, nor have I used SMB or SAMBA services so
I'm not even sure if thats possible. If you experiment with this could
you please share the results with me (as there are several other people
who might be interested in this 'remote access' solution).

On that note, can I recommend that you join one or both of our mailing
lists. This is the preferred way of contacting us, ensures your
questions are answered promptly, and allows other list subscribers to
share their experiences and solutions with you. For subscription details


Hope I've been of some help,

John Thompson
Greenstone Digital Library, University of Waikato
New Zealand

Emiliano Marmonti wrote:

>Dear John
>How are you? First of all I want to say that the Gatherer interface is for me
>the ideal add-on to Greenstone. The interface is very intuitive, friendly and
>helps a lot for modelling and building a collection very faster than the
>traditional methods.
>I'm writing to you because I have to make two things very quickly using
>Greenstone and think that Gatherer could help me. I'm working for an office
>inside La Plata University that process Thesis & Disertations. In this office
>is working a librarian that has to input the metadata for the documents. I have
>seen that could alter the set using the appropiate .ds file. Previously to test
>Gatherer I was thinking about produce an interface for input the metadata.
>Now, I wish to add some functionality to Gatherer, perhaps to manage the
>asociated hierarchichal files for some classifiers, or a more direct way to
>introduce metadata in the template files. I don't know if the source code is
>freely avaible, if I could touch it or I have to do something external to
>Gatherer for this function (aditionally I wish to copy the metadata that our
>librarian is inserting using Gatherer in a OAI repository).
>Another question that I have, is about I've installed gli in my RedHat server,
>I'm asking if I could share /usr/local/gsdl through a Smb service, if I could
>install gli in a Windows machine and in this way our librarian could work using
>a workstation, not our server. I have not read anything about it in the manual
>(sorry if I forgot to read something).
>Well, John, thanks a lot, regards and again congratulations about Gatherer!
>Emiliano Marmonti
>ETD Project
>La Plata University
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