Re: [greenstone-devel] Build collectio

From John M Thompson
DateTue, 12 Aug 2003 13:44:02 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Build collectio
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Hello Mauricio,

The bad news is that we don't really support the Organizer, as it is not
software that we developed. The good news is that if you send us a copy
of the collect.cfg file produced by the Organizer, and possibly an
example metadata.xml, showing some typical metadata, from within your
import folder, we'll try to figure out how to combine the collections to
produce a collection with the search/browse methods you want.

May I suggest that you try using a new tool available with Greenstone
2.40a called the Greenstone Librarian Interface (GLI). This provides a
gui environment for building collections and greatly simplifies the task
of assigning hierarchy based metadata.

Hear from you soon,
John Thompson
Greenstone Digital Library, University of Waikato,
New Zealand

Mauricio Garcia wrote:

>Hi: I've been trying to build a collection using Greenstone and
>Organizer, but not successful yet.
>My docs are in pdf and word, and I want the collection be organized by
>subject, organization, titles and have, of course, the search tool.
>If I use the collect.cfg file of WordPdf collection only have Search,
>Titles and Filenames(?) and html and pdf text is showed.
>If I used Organizer to create sub.txt, org.txt and build collection
>from command line, I can see Hierarchy (Subjects, Organization, Titles)
>but can't show PDF files.
>What am I supposed to do to combine both results in one?
>Mauricio Garcia
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