Re: [greenstone-users] More work with Gatherer/Greenstone

From John M Thompson
DateFri, 29 Aug 2003 10:04:46 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] More work with Gatherer/Greenstone
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Hi Emiliano,

I've just tried to setup GLI as you suggested, and it seems there are
two bugs that prevent the views being as seperate as I had hoped. I've
now fixed these so it is possible to create two versions of gli by
setting these permanent settings as shown in these screen shots:

Are you getting the GLI source code from CVS, or have you just
downloaded one of the Greenstone Install packages? I've already commited
the bug fixes to CVS, but if you'd prefer I can make a patch containing
the fixed files and send that to you.

The only idea of security that GLI currently has is in terms of
connecting to websites and servers (such as a web proxy) that need
authentication. This was done as Greenstone currently had no idea of
security either. But now that we are adding password protection to
Greenstone collections it will be important to consider the same
problems in GLI. I guess for now the easiest way to handle this is just
to not let people open collections which have lock files (thus the
'special user' can only build when no-one else has the collection open).

I'll also add your request for security features to the list, as it
seems a shame that GLI is so close to allowing multiple user access, but
its not quite there yet. It will probably be in the form of password
protection on a certain collection.


John Thompson

Greenstone Digital Library, University of Waikato
New Zealand

Emiliano Marmonti wrote:

>Hi John
>>Unfortunately the lock file problem is a little more difficult to solve.
>>It is true that when a collection is loaded, it continually checks what
>>files are present in the collection, and so would remain up to date in
>>this regard no matter how many users are changing files. The problem
>>lies in the accompaning data files such as metadata.xml files. These are
>>loaded into memory when the collection is loaded, then written back out
>OK I understand the problem. But using your instructions about the permanent
>setting (or hiding) of the "Tabs", perhaps could have in the windows
>workstation one gli only for Gathering and enrich, in Linux two gli's, one for
>gathering/enrichment and other exclusive for design and build, and have an
>special user that could do so (design & build), ensuring that all the other
>gli's are off. Do you think this could work? I have seen in the dictionary that
>are messages for users and passwords, are the same than gsdl? Could I introduce
>some security features to the access of the gli?
>>Thanks for your input,
>Thanks a lot for your super-quick answer. I think the next week we could start
>the work. Perhaps will ask some questions about gsdl...