Re: [greenstone-users] AZCompactList and Subject

From Allison Zhang
DateWed, 06 Aug 2003 09:28:58 -0400
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] AZCompactList and Subject
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You set up 3 classifiers and only 2 display format strings. Your CL1 is the
Title, CL2 is the Subject, and CL3 is the Contributor. I would try to add
another CL#VList and get the CL# correct and see what happens.


At 12:58 PM 8/6/2003 +0100, Richard Gartner wrote:
>Could anyone help?
>I'm trying to set up a browsable subject list using AZCompactList: this
>is what I have in my collect.cfg:-
>classify AZList -metadata Title
>classify AZCompactList -metadata Subject -mingroup 1
>classify AZCompactList -metadata Contributor -buttonname names
>-mingroup 1
>format CL1VList "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td>
>{If}{[numleafdocs], <b>[Subject]</b>,[Title]}</td>"
>format CL2VList "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td>
>{If}{[numleafdocs], <b>[Contributor]</b>,[Title]}</td>"
>This works fine for the Contributor list, but for the subject list no
>subject names appear next to the bookshelf icons (although clicking on
>one of these brings up the list of constituent titles without any
>problem). Here's a typical description from the archive file in case
>there's a problem with that:
> <Metadata name="Title">Review of the French troops on their
>returning march through Smolensko</Metadata>
> <Metadata name="Identifier">politi004-azz</Metadata>
> <Metadata name="Contributor">Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878
> <Metadata name="Subject">Napoleonic Wars -- 1800-1815 --
>Campaigns -- Russia</Metadata>
> </Description>
>Any ideas? I'm baffled!
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