[greenstone-users] Importing pdf and bibtex

From Ben Liesfeld
DateSat, 23 Aug 2003 18:05:28 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Importing pdf and bibtex
Hi there,

I found this in the mailinglist archives from January:

"Dollberg, Donald D." <ddd1@cdc.gov> wrote:

> [...] I want to create a collection of
> journal articles written in my group and use Greenstone simply to create
> a bibliography that is linked to the actual article in PDF format. I
> have the bibliography in bibtex format and the articles will be scanned
> and converted to PDF. I am not interested in indexing the actual
> article just in the display of the article.

In my ongoing project I'd like to go a bit further than Donald
Dollberg: I'd like to create a collection that makes fulltext search in those
pdf files possible and, of course, form search in the bibtex entries
as well.

I read the available docs about greenstone and I know how to build a
collection from bibtex bibliographies and how to build a pdf library.
I suppose I have to write a new import plugin to make a collection of
both? What would be the best (and probably shortest) approach? I'd
probably start converting the bibtex entries to xml metadata which
RecPlug can handle.

Thx for any hints.

Ben Liesfeld