[greenstone-users] Collection Copies

From Harold Rugama
DateWed, 24 Sep 2003 11:44:22 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Collection Copies
Hello Greenstone Team

I've been using Greenstone about 3 weeks and I have some doubts about greenstone collection. At work I have to 2 computers, I use 1 as web server where I store the main collection, which is visited by students and the another one where I check the documents before I put them into the main collection. I want to make or build the collection in one computer and then copy the collection into the another computer that I use as a Web Server. Is that possible??? And Works???

Is also possible to copy and Collection build in Windows into Linux???? Does it works fine???
Is also possible to use the organizer to create the metadata file for my collection?

My collection is formed by PDF file that contains only images. It possible to disable the PDF text extractor plugin and let the Greenstone software to search only in the metadata information made by the Organizer software?

Is all the things that I ask you possible???

Please help!!!!

Harold Rugama C.

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