Re: [greenstone-users] continue Working gli+gsdl

From Emiliano Marmonti
DateWed, 10 Sep 2003 16:54:54 -0300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] continue Working gli+gsdl
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Hello Michael

Thanks for your answer. If there are not positive things to say, the positive
thing is that you avoid to waste my time looking for the solution ;-)

> I'm not sure I entirely understand the problem... are you talking about
> allowing the user
> to do this when they are browsing a built Greenstone collection? Or when they
> are
> creating a Greenstone collection using the GLI?

The idea is that I have the following gli/XML por all the hierarchy that is used
by gli. Inside dc.Subject.mdv I have for example:


When the librarian operator through gli choices Optical, the metadata for the
document stores for example in dc.Subject = 1.1. From the user's point of view
this OK for exploring using Subjects, he/she will see Physics and entering on it
will see Optical and after that the document.

But if the user wants to search using Optical, will not retrieve anything. This
is because the document has stored the hierarchy value 1.1. If you search using
this value the document is retrieved. I don't know if this is a configuration
problem or gsdl is working in this way.

> I'm not sure when version 2.41 will be released, but I don't think it will be
> for at
> least a month or two. You can get the most up-to-date source code (including
> these
> changes) by getting Greenstone from CVS, however.

OK. Right.

Thanks a lot again and regards

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