[greenstone-users] utf8 and ISO_8859-1 formats

From Margarita Echeverri
DateTue, 23 Sep 2003 13:20:24 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] utf8 and ISO_8859-1 formats
Hello All,

Always that I have PDFs in my collections, I get the message:

>Converting xxx.pdf to HTML format.
>PDFPlug: WARNING: collect mpxxx.html was read using utf8 encoding but
appears to be encoded as ISO_8859_1
>PDFPlug: passing xxx.pdf on to HTMLPlug
>HTMLPlug: processing xxx.html"
And now I get a similar message but "encoded as big5".

Could it be the reason why the HTMLs do not look so good? How can I see and
change the formats? What do I have to do to correct this?

Additionally, I have a PDF that "PDFPlug failed to convert to HTML". Its size
is 925KB (127 pages). Could the size be the problem? What is the limit, if any?

Thanks for your help

Margarita Echeverri
Payson Center - Tulane University