[greenstone-users] New User Questions

From I56
DateSat, 6 Sep 2003 09:39:49 -0700 (PDT)
Subject [greenstone-users] New User Questions
Hello everyone,
I'm a new user of Greenstone and will be using it for a personal collection of PDF's and PostScript files.  I have a couple of questions.  I've successfully created the collection using the web interface and am pretty confident I could do it using the command line (I'm using Windows).  I've begun reading the developer's manual and am getting a feel for what will be required to do what I want but I could use some more specific direction:
1. Rather than having the link back to the original PDF or PS file be to a cached version, I'd like the link to be Z:[original filename].  So if the original file was c:cool beans directorymy files1995deerwester95.pdf, I'd like the link displayed in Greenstone to be Z:deerwester95.pdf.  I bet I can get this just by changing some configuration file, but I don't know exactly which one, or what change to make.
2. When I generate/regenerate the collection, I'd like to have a meta-data file containing extra information about the document read and included for display.  I'd like to be able to manually specify the title, authors, subject, and some free text notes about the paper.  These should be displayed on the search results page.  I think I need to have a custom plugin and an altered configuration file to do this, but I'm not sure just where to begin.
If I can get these two things working, then this software would be perfect for my uses.
I have subscribed to the mailing list, but have not received confirmation that I was actually added, so please CC me personally in your reply.