[greenstone-users] Bibliography with Greenstone

From pipeconsult@get2net.dk
DateSun, 7 Sep 2003 23:49:22 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Bibliography with Greenstone
Hello all Greenstone users,

I hope someone can help me here !!

I set out to search for some software that would let me create and publish a small (less than 5000 references, not full text, but a few annotations) web-bibliography on the internet and I stumbled over Greenstone and not much else !!

I have installed the software on my stand alone PC with web access and it works fine in as much as the demo is concerned !!

I have looked at the 'examples' listed along with the *.cfg-files and together with the 'Inside Greenstone Collections'-paper I have come to the conclusion that the COLT-bibliography might be the closest to what I will need in terms of database design. But it will still need to be modified !!

I have tried to use the config code directly from the COLT to 'build' a database but when I import data in BibText-format I don't get a bibliography. I get a message that it is not possible to import the *.bib-file from the directory on my PC. The *.bib-file is made in the program; BibEdit v. 1.1 beta with the proper reference-format that can be viewed in any text editor: an example......

author={H. Reiben},
title={The Geology of theTehran Plain},
journal={American Journal of Science},
pages={p. 617-639},
booktitle={Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society}

What am I doing wrong here ????
I hope that Greenstone will not be turned into a 'Stepstone' in my search for the right software (and freeware). Still, tips from Greenstone-users about other software will be welcomed too !!

Heelp !!! and - Thanks

Lars Bertelsen


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