Re: [greenstone-users] New User Questions

From I56
DateTue, 9 Sep 2003 04:20:39 -0700 (PDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] New User Questions
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Michael Dewsnip <> wrote:

>Thanks for downloading Greenstone, and we hope you
>have a lot of success with it. You mention building
>collections using the web interface and the
command->line -- we also have a new graphical tool for
>building collections called the "Greenstone
>Librarian Interface" that you might like to try. If
>you have version 2.40a of Greenstone, it is located
>in the "gli" folder of your Greenstone folder. You
>will need version 1.4.0 (or higher) of the Java
>Runtime Environment to run the GLI (you will be told
>if you don't have this installed).

Thank you. This helps. I do have the Librarian
Interface and have been using it some. I've noticed,
however, that there is no .col file for the collection
I've already created. Do you have to create the
collection with the Librarian in order to get a col
file? Can you "import" a collection into the
librarian that was created otherwise?