[greenstone-users] continue Working gli+gsdl

From Emiliano Marmonti
DateThu, 04 Sep 2003 22:03:24 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] continue Working gli+gsdl
Hello John and all

>The value tree at the bottom on the enrich pane shows all of the
>previous values assigned for a particular element, not just those that
>are currently in use. In order to edit this tree you should use the
>'Edit Metadata Sets' option in the 'Metadata' menu, then remove values
>from the appropriate element. If you happen to remove a value that is
>still in use it will just get added back again next time you save. There
>was at some stage a suggestion that we should allow the user to
>determine if unused values should be pruned on save - I'll add it to the
>request list.

OK. I've seen that the metadata "comes back" when some document use it. I have no
noted that could be directly edited inside gli, I have seen that is a folder that
contains the value for every metadata type. I'll try it. Thanks.

>The html (or actually GML) versions of the imported files are found in
>the archive folder, but as you suggest the tricky bit it tracking down
>the correct identifier. The easiest way is if you have built the
>collection, can browse the pages and then note down the HASH identifier
>of the erroneous document - this is encoded in the pages url and should
>be something like "&d=HASH017f5b8d1c09fdb1e6ba4e0a". Armed with this
>information, you then look at the archive.inf file in the archives
>folder, looking for a mapping from the full identifier to the one used
>in the archives folder (which is some substring of the full identifier -
>just enough to make it unique). Go to the listed file
>(something/doc.xml) then get ready for a bit of an editing nightmare.
>The file contains the full html of the source document, however all of
>the < and > are encoded so it can take a bit of searching to find the
>actual bit you're looking for.

Yes, I have read that every document has a hash identifier. By now I have resigned to
correct the html, simply put [srclink][srcicon][/srclink] and the people could obtain
the original document.

The danger that has the previous action is that the operators will not know how the
PDF file was processed. I've planned that previous to the insert they could use a .pl
that comes with gsdl that makes the convertion and they must see the file (for
full-text retreiving assurance).

I have two or three more questions ;-)

1. I have seen that the metadata asigned to Subject is stored like its hierarchy
position, it means for example This makes unusable for searching (I could
understand that else Greenstone has to put the string linked with 1, the linked with
1.2 and so on), we want to use some standard theasurus for putting Subject, perhaps
this is a more DC related question, how could I obtain a good solution combining the
two problems, I mean giving the user the posibility to explore the theasurus tree, and
searching by individuals words from the theasurus?

2. How could I present in a Format a repetable field. Perhaps a document has 2 o 3
authors and [dc.Creator] only puts the first (or is a format problem?)

3. A very-very basic question (perhaps must read user-guide, have read only developer
and configuration documents) how could I search for strimming terms, I mean to search
"Zym%" and return Zimerman, Zimuslink, etc. Is in somewhere all the options (left
strimming,right.. etc)

4. Last. I've seen at nzdl that the 2.41 comes with a combo-box to choice the via that
access to the information, this could help us a lot because will be 4 or 5 ways to
explore hierarchichal content, and have seen that could put authentication. The
authentication could be used for some collections or for all the site? Could you tell
when expect to release it?

5. One more. Somebody has experienced making some integration between Zope and
Greenstone? We plan to use Zope/Plone for the user identification, uploading the
document, tracking of the process document, portal services and so on, and Greenstone
for the Digital Library search...

Thanks a lot and regards

Emiliano Marmonti