Re: [greenstone-users] building word doc in 2.40

From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 15 Sep 2003 15:27:18 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] building word doc in 2.40
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Hello Aditya,

It is very unusual that you have build problems under Linux but not under
Windows --- usually it is the other way around. This may be caused by
problems in the documents, or problems with MG (less likely).

If you would like to send me the "archives" directory of the collection that
fails to build (if it is not too big), I can try it here to see if I can
reproduce the problem. Otherwise, you can build the collection under Windows
and copy the "building" directory to Linux, although this is far from ideal.


Michael wrote:

> hi,
> when ever i am building word document in linux i.e. redhat 9 i m getting
> following message and process is coming out...while windows it goes fine.
> *** building index document:text in subdirectory dtx
> creating index dictionary
> ArcPlug: processing
> /home/adi/public_html/gsdl/collect/doc/archives/archives.inf
> GAPLug: processing HASH01c1.dir/doc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASH1de4.dir/doc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASH01d7.dir/doc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASH01d1.dir/doc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASH06cf.dir/doc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASH01b4.dir/doc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASH1315.dir/doc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASH3366.dir/doc.xml
> ivf.pass1 : Error during done of "ivf.pass1"
> Stats (Creating index document:text)
> Total bytes in collection: 1487562
> Total bytes in document:text: 1487562
> mg_perf_hash_build : Unable to open
> "/.//home/adi/public_html/gsdl/collect/doc/building/dtx/"
> mg_passes : Error during init of "ivf.pass2"
> inverting the text
> ArcPlug: processing
> /home/adi/public_html/gsdl/collect/doc/archives/archives.inf
> GAPLug: processing HASH01c1.dir/doc.xml
> Broken pipe
> can anyone help.
> aditya
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