[greenstone-users] Re: Greenstone and BibTex

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 16 Sep 2003 17:24:16 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Greenstone and BibTex
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> Hello Michael,
> I hope you can help out here.

I hope I can too... quite often I can't :-)

> I am working on a Bibliography which takes its 'off set' by the Colt-collection *.cfg-file but modified also to handle; books, inbooks, proceedings, inproceedings.
> I am nearly were I want to 'be' with the formatting of the collect.cfg but one thing is bugging me:
> I have a List-Title-function (a-z) which gets its data from the field: [Title]
> I would like to expand the Title-listing ALSO to INCLUDE data from the [Booktitle] field.

I'm not sure I entirely understand the question. Here is my interpretation, please tell me if I'm wrong. Some of your bibliographic records have "Title" metadata, and
some have "BookTitle" (or do they always have both, or always have one and sometimes have the other?). You have a "Titles a-z" classifier, using the metadata element
"Title". You would like to create a browsing structure with that includes all the records with "Title" OR "BookTitle" metadata.

If this is what you want to do, I'm afraid Greenstone doesn't do this at the moment. However, it wouldn't be too difficult to hack up one of the classifiers to do
this. The only other method I can think of for doing this would be to create another metadata element that combines both Title and BookTitle, but obviously this isn't

> How should I modify this code to get the Title-listing correct (or other code) ???:
> Citing my collect.cfg file - I hope it's the right place I cite from !!:
> "
> format VList "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td valign=top><b>[Title]
> </b> - <i>{Or}{[Creator],[Editor]}</i>
> {If}{[Year], - [Month] [Year]}</td>"
> format CL2VList "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td valign=top>{If}
> {[numleafdocs],<b>[Title]</b>,<b>[Author]</b> ([Creator]) -- <i>[Title]</i>}{If}
> {[Year], - [Month] [Year]}</td>"
> "

Unfortunately you can't control the items that appear in a classifier list with format statements - this has to be done at build time.

> Are there no smart way to 'take out' single references in a Bib-Tex-collection, except to rebuild the whole collection again from an altered batch data-file
> ???

This is the safest method. It is possible to mess around with the metadata database to remove certain metadata values (ie. records from a bibliography), but you can
get into trouble doing this.

> I am working on a stand alone PC now but will transfere the software and bibliography
> to a server when I am ready.
> In that case, is there any way to update BibTex-data in the greenstone program by remote,
> that is using ftp ?? If yes !! What would be the address into the file system ???

This depends on how the server is set up, but yes, it is generally possible to copy files remotely onto a server and log in remotely to rebuild the collection. You'll
have to check with the person who set up/runs the server for more information.

We much prefer that questions such as these are asked on the mailing lists, rather than sent to us personally. There are two reasons for this: other list members can
contribute their knowledge and experience, and other list members can also benefit from the answers.