Re: [greenstone-users] Search path for perl

From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 22 Sep 2003 09:45:19 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Search path for perl
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Hello Helen,

The GLI scripts are tailored towards a "normal" Greenstone installation, but
they were designed to work with a wide range of configurations. Unfortunately,
it looks like they haven't quite worked for you.

I'll run through what the script does when looking for Perl under Windows:

1. There is a PERLPATH variable that you can manually set in the script (to
handle cases like yours, actually). If this is set, it is used to look for
2. If not, the PATH variable (type PATH at a DOS command prompt to see what it
is set to) is checked for a Perl executable.
3. If one is not found on the search path, the location where Greenstone
installs Perl by default is checked (GSDLHOMEbinwindowsperlbin).
4. If Perl still isn't found, the script checks the Windows Registry for
ActivePerl installations.
5. If this fails, the script gives up and shows the error message you

The short term solution is for you to manually set the PERLPATH variable in
the "gli.bat" file. You should edit this file in Notepad, locate the
":findPerl" label, and change the "set PERLPATH=" line just after to specify
the location of your Perl installation, eg. "set PERLPATH=C:Perlbin" or

In the long term, we would like to fix the script so it works on your system
as standard. Maybe you can tell me what Perl you have installed, and where you
have it installed? If you'd like to help more, we should be able to get to the
bottom of the problem.



Helen Cornwall wrote:

> Hi,
> Using Windows 2000 professional, I just installed version 2.40a and I have
> been able to compile simple test collections. I'd like to go on to larger
> and more complex collections using metadata. That suggests the Librarian
> Interface, but when I try to use it I receive this message:
> >Checking GSDL: ..
> >The Greenstone Librarian Interface requires perl in order to operate, but
> perl could not be detected >on your system. Please ensure that perl is
> installed and is on your search path, then rerun this >script.
> >Press any key to continue . . .
> I do have perl installed. When it says to make sure perl "is on your
> search path" where is it expecting to find perl? What specific search
> path? I have seen recent posts showing how to make sure it finds Java but
> it has not obliged me with a similar indication of where it is looking for
> perl. Please advise.
> Thank you,
> Helen Cornwall
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