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DateWed, 10 Sep 2003 12:10:24 +0930
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] Stable URL

To import with an assigned identifier using the modified files you use. -OIDtype idnumber <collectionname>

(you need a metadata value called [IDnumber] in your metadata.xml files for
each document), and have been changed so the metadata element
is copied to the [Identifier] metadata field in the doc.xml file for the
document. (an extra field does not make a significant difference for the
speed of collection building.)

eg <Metadata name="IDNumber">ER00037</Metadata>

NOTE: Don't have only a number for an identifier (or start with a letter/s)
I don't know if this is neccessary but the 'incremental' OID starts with a
D and I am not willing to break that tradition without knowing what the
effect may be.

For bookmarks I believe all you need is three arguments;

a=d (perhaps this means 'action=document'?)
c=<collname> (which collection)
d=<OID> ( document = OID )

This line creates a bookmarkable link for the 'demo' collection

format DocumentText '<h3>[Title]</h3>\n Bookmark: <a href="

The e=gjklfds... and cl=... stuff you see in a normal greenstone url is not
required to bookmark a document. BTW: the the '' escapes the double

As far as making a neat url; I believe there are a numeber of ways of doing
this - depending on your web server - I'm pretty sure Apache and AOLserver
offer this facility. I believe one way this can be done in Apache is with
the mod_rewrite module - but I have never done this.

good luck


>Can you explain a little bit about it?
>Specifically what metadata sets the OID.
>Also you mentioned that some extra items in the URL are not required for
book marking - which ones are these?
>My aim is to create a greenstone collection with a 'nice' looking URL and
one that is stable
>rather than
>>Yes I'm interested. That would be great if you could send me what you
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>>Subject: Re: [greenstone-users] Stable URL
>>Yes this is possible,
>>I have made some small modifications to allow the use of an OID that is
assigned in metadata. It is a 'new' OIDtype 'identifier' that gets the
identifier form the metadata.xml files. It is only a few small changes to, and
>>It is also a good idea to have a bookmark link - greenstone has some
extra items in the url that are not required to bookmark a particular
document. Making a bookmark link in format statements without the extra
stuff should be fairly easy.
>>Let me know if you are interested - I will send you what I have.
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>>>Hi all,
>>>Is it possible to build a collection that has a stable URL?
>>>E.g. If a user book marks an image in the collection, that book mark
will always link to that document? No matter how many times the collection
is rebuilt or items are changed.
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