[greenstone-users] Re: HELP !! I am new in Greenstone

From Stephen.DeGabrielle@cdu.edu.au
DateFri, 12 Sep 2003 12:59:23 +0930
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: HELP !! I am new in Greenstone
Hi Margarita,

I'll try to answer the questions;
NOTE I am not a developer; so if anyone notices any errors please correct
me and let me know. (thanks)

>Could you, please tell when I have to import, and re-build the collection
if you ever change, or remove a document form the collection. (or change
your plugin settings).

If you are changing your classifiers you will need to rebuild (but not

If you are changing your format statements you only need to refresh your
browser. (but watch out for pages cached on a proxy). You may need to
restart greenstone if you are using windows. (check the mailing list
archives - I'm sure this issue has been covered there).

>If I include a document?
Import and build, but you only need to import that document only. (so the
import sould be very quick)

>If I update a document?
Import and build the whole collection. Unless you want two copies.

In more detail:

Adding documents happens in two stages in greenstone;

The import stage, started by import.pl which ADDS* the documents and any
associated files to your '/archives/' directory.

This stage uses plugins to extract/convert the documents into the
GreenstoneArchive (xml) format so it can be indexed in the build stage. It
also uses the plugins to collect any metadata associated with the document;
either either extracted or derived from the document itself, or from the
metadata.xml files.

It also assigns a unique identifier(OID) - as part of the metadata.

*note that it is possble to add the same document to your '/archives/'
directory twice, creating two identical versions in the final collection.
If something changes in your plugin settings or some documents get changed,
then you would normally delete your archives folder import your whole
collection. If you are just adding new documents then you just import the
new documents alone.

you can use import.pl -removeold demo to automatically remove the old
archives directory.

The build stage looks at the /archives/ folder and creates the /building/

This stage creates all the indexes for the text and metadata. It also
creates the browsable classifications defined by the classifiers.

When building is complete you can erase the contents of the /index/ folder
and copy in the contents of the building folder. Normally you would erase
/index/ and rename /building/ to /index/ (quicker). As you can see building
does not take place 'live' on the /index/ folder so you collection will
only be offline for the few seconds it takes to rename the /building/

>If I change the format in the configuration?
You can change format statements at any time.

Sometimes this doesn't take effect because;

a) your web browser is getting a cached copy

b) if you are using the windows version you may need to restart greenstone

I hope this helps.

Check out the developers guide, especially chapters 1 and 2 cover this .
See documentation at: http://www.greenstone.org/

If you are keen you can use greenstone to search its own source and
documentation at:




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