[greenstone-devel] re Sort order of search result list and browse list

From Stephen.DeGabrielle@cdu.edu.au
DateFri, 26 Sep 2003 08:54:09 +0930
Subject [greenstone-devel] re Sort order of search result list and browse list
I only know half the answer;
AZCompactList.pm is used at runtime to create this classification as per
your collect.cfg file. If you open AZCompactList.pm in a text editor and
search for 'sort' you should be able to find the bit of code that tells
that specifies it to sort by date (AZCOmpactList.pm doesn't do the sorting
- it uses another routine to do that - it just sets a flag so the leaves
get sorted- by date is the default)

As for the results of a search - I don't know - but I'd love to find out. I
can only guess the sort order is what we get is from mg/mgpp.

Subject: [greenstone-devel] Dear All,

One of my colleague just found that the sort order of search result list
and that of the browse list are reverse. For example, when I searched a
person's name: "Ahmed, Junaid", I got the following result:


When I browsed the "people A-Z" classifier, which is a AZCompactList, I got
this list under "Ahmed, Junaid":


Does anyone know the mechanism of the two sorting methods? Is it possible
to make the two indentical?

Thanks a bunch!