Re: [greenstone-devel] Audio files

From John M Thompson
DateFri, 09 Jan 2004 11:27:52 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Audio files
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Hello Sudhanshu,

While you are correct in using UnknownPlug to process MP3 files, you
should be aware that no actual processing of the files is done by
UnknownPlug - all it does is create a 'dummy' document for each file
recognized, and provides metadata including a link to the original file.
One trick to building collections using MP3's is to make use of this
metadata to provide references from the HTML to the MP3's.

For instance the collect.cfg for a basic MP3 collection would include
the lines:

plugin UnknownPlug -assoc_field Source -file_type multimedia/mp3
format CL2VList "<td valign=top>[srclink][icon][/srclink]</td><td

Where CL2VList is a browsable classifier in which I want to show a link
to the original MP3 (although you may want a nicer icon for the link)
and the mp3 details which are included as metadata to the MP3 file.

Now for the associated HTML pages you -could- include a piece of
metadata, say 'mp3link' which gives the link to the MP3 within your
collection. This would have to be something like:

<a href=/gsdl/collect/gsarch/index/assoc/[assocfilepath]/[MP3]>

I say 'could' as this has the rather large drawback that you will have
to determine the [assocfilepath] for each of your MP3's beforehand, as
Greenstone will be unable to correctly determine this (it will use the
value for the HTML document itself instead).

To do what you are trying to do some other approaches might be:

1. Include the entire html document as metadata to the MP3 file.
2. Don't actually process the MP3 files at all, but have a link to the
mp3 file in the html document (as shown above). Provide the assocfile
argument to HTMLPlug so that in includes MP3s, and that way the MP3
files will be included as associated files for the HTML. You can then
use [assocfilepath] in the link name, and Greenstone will figure out
what that is at run time.

Hope that helps,

John Thompson

Greenstone Project, New Zealand Digital Library,
University of Waikato
New Zealand

Rajvaidya, Sudhanshu wrote:

>I am new to Greestone. I want to add '*.mp3' files to my collection & linked
>them to a html file in collection. I tried it using unknown plug but it is
>giving me the error "Internal Link Not Found".
>Can any one tell me what the problem is ?
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