Re: [greenstone-users] unsolved problems #1

From John R. McPherson
DateMon, 10 Jan 2005 09:43:08 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] unsolved problems #1
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On Sat, 2005-01-08 at 07:27, Rich Robinson wrote:

> First one - I'm building my collection on a Windows machine, then
> copy the collect directory over to a UNIX box where it's served. On
> the About page for this collection, on either machine (contrary to my
> previous post, where I thought it worked on Windows), I see this:
> Search for _idx_ that contain some/all of the words

> collectionmeta.document:text [l=en] "text"
> collectionmeta.document:dc.Creator [l=en] "Author"
> collectionmeta.document:dc.Title [l=en] "Title"
> collectionmeta.document:dc.Missionary [l=en] "People"
> collectionmeta.document:dc.Organization [l=en] "Organization"
> collectionmeta.document:dc.Subject [l=en] "Subject"
> collectionmeta.document:dc.Language [l=en] "Language"
> collectionmeta.text [l=en] "Full text"
> collectionmeta.dc.Creator [l=en] "Author"
> collectionmeta.dc.Title [l=en] "Title"
> collectionmeta.dc.Missionary [l=en] "Missionary"
> collectionmeta.dc.Organization [l=en] "Organization"
> collectionmeta.dc.Subject [l=en] "Subject"
> collectionmeta.dc.Language [l=en] "Language"
> collectionmeta.dc.Resource [l=en] "Type"
> collectionmeta.dc.Format [l=en] "Format"

Try dropping the "[l=en]" from the metadata. I recently discovered that
the way greenstone handles this is a little broken - it ignores
parameters that it hasn't seen while loading the macro files, and "l=en"
doesn't appear in any macro files since it just falls back to the
default macros, (which happen to be in english).

Alternatively, you could add a dummy macro into any of the loaded macro
files that has that parameter. Eg add something like:
_foo_ [l=en] {}
into macros/

This has been fixed in CVS and should be ok in the next released version
of greenstone (whenever that is).