Re: [greenstone-users] Format Features for ISIS collections

From Richard Managh
DateWed, 04 Jan 2006 11:26:41 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Format Features for ISIS collections
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Hi Lucia,

Just to add briefly to what Katherine wrote:
In order to modify the search results format statement in question in the GLI:

You need to click the "Design" tab, Choose the "Format Features" Design Section, then choose feature "Search".

In the box labled HTML Format String, you can edit the format string for the search results as Katherine describes.


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Katherine Don wrote:
Hi Lucia

The default icon and link look like
[link][icon][/link] in a format statement.
To change what the icon links to, you can use something like:

<a href='link address'>[icon]</a>

If the link address comes from metadata, eg URL, you can do the following
<a href='[URL]'>[icon]</a>

If this is not whatyou are after, there are a few resources that might help:

A summary of all formatting features and commands:

Some example collections which have documentation about their configuration:

Section 2.3 of the developers guide.

Fiji workshop, greenstone tutorials, downloadable from

Hope these help.

Katherine Don

Lucia Phillip wrote:
Good Morning,

I have successfully imported a WinISIS database which used 'Dublin Core'
fieldnames into the Greenstone application and created a new searchable
Collection. One caution is that the 'Exploded' option is needed in order
break down each ISIS record into separate fields in the Greenstone

However I need some assistance to change the format of the search
results and was wondering if there exists a tutorial on the formatting
features in the design option of the application.

My main issue is that I would like to link the default 'icon' image to a
link and would like to know how to edit the source of that particular

 Lucia phillip
National Library Trinidad and Tobago


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