Re: [greenstone-users] Format Features for ISIS collections

From Michael Dewsnip
DateWed, 04 Jan 2006 14:58:31 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Format Features for ISIS collections
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You should set ISISPlug's "-input_encoding" option to the correct
encoding for your database, and then everything should work fine.
Greenstone doesn't have a plugin for processing any XML versions of

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Cao Minh Kiem wrote:

> Dear List members,
> I would like to know whether there is a tool (Plugin) for importing
> XML file generated by Winisis utilities?.
> Our CDS/ISIS databases contain data in ASCII codes that are not
> converted correctly in Unicode (or UTF-8) when import to Greenstone
> using ISISPlugin. So if I export database into XML format, convert the
> file into UNICODE, them import it into Greenstone collection, it will
> solve our problem.
> Thank you for information in advance
> Cao Minh Kiem
> National Center for Science and Technology (NACESTI), Vietnam
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> *From:* Lucia Phillip <>
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> *Subject:* [greenstone-users] Format Features for ISIS collections
> Good Morning,
> I have successfully imported a WinISIS database which used 'Dublin
> Core' fieldnames into the Greenstone application and created a new
> searchable Collection. One caution is that the 'Exploded' option
> is needed in order break down each ISIS record into separate
> fields in the Greenstone collection.
> However I need some assistance to change the format of the search
> results and was wondering if there exists a tutorial on the
> formatting features in the design option of the application.
> My main issue is that I would like to link the default 'icon'
> image to a link and would like to know how to edit the source of
> that particular control.
> Lucia phillip
> National Library Trinidad and Tobago
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