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From Katherine Don
DateTue, 10 Jan 2006 10:42:52 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] GREENSTONE HELP
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Hi John

You can use [equivlink] to display the alternative forms. The single
equivlink metadata contains links to each alternative form.
Unfortunately, at the moment, the filenames are not stored individually
in metadata.

We have been thinking about adding this. For example, having
AlternativeFormat metadata or something like this.
Any ideas on what you might require in terms of metadata would be
Eg, metadata containing the individual file names? Individual links to
each file?


John Bilay wrote:
> Hello
> I am currently using greenstone 2.6.I am busy building a collection which is
> composed of musical instruments.Each musical instrument has got audio(.mp3),
> video (.mov) and images.I am trying to use the Associate_ext facility that
> greenstone provides to group each musical instrument with its picture, sound
> and video.
> Can anyone tell me with which tag i can those associated files in the
> "format features".
> what tag e.g: [sibling...] do i need to use.
> Thank you very much
> John
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