Re: [greenstone-users] Image placeholders

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 27 Jan 2006 16:56:52 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Image placeholders
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Hi Svetlana

If most of your images are working but just a few aren't, then maybe the
images are missing.

If some pdf file images are working but others aren't then maybe its a
problem with the pdfs. Set verbosity to 4 for importing - do you get any
error messages?
Check the broken image links - are the images in the collection
index/assoc folder?

For the collection logo, check that the image is in the collection's
images directory, and the name is the same as what's in the config file,
and the path in the web page is correct.

I hope this helps,

Svetlana Branhouse wrote:
> Hi All
> and seasons greetings to everyone.
> I have a problem with image placeholders showing in my collection
> instead of images.
> 1. A pdf file would contain images and text. When the search returns
> such files broken into not-formatted text and images, the images come up
> as placeholders. If I click on them, the download is really slow, and
> the image still remain as a placeholder.
> However, some pdf files work fine - and I cannot see the difference
> between those working and not working.
> 2. Collection Logo on the home page for the collection is also showing
> as a placeholder, not as an image.
> I am working through the LAN proxy. At the moment my connection settings
> say "no proxy for localhost". Browsing options are also set on
> "browsing images". What should be checked to make these functions work?
> Thank you
> Svetlana Branhouse
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