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From Stephen DeGabrielle
DateWed, 4 Jan 2006 00:51:01 +0930
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] exporting or mapping metadata from webform to "enrich" page on GSDL
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this shouldn't be too difficult;

You  need to make the the web form or its handler on the server generate a metadata.xml file and associate it with the image file your are referring to.   See the  'Assigning metadata from a file' section of the developers guide (page 36-), for how to use metadata.xml files.  (Your form sounds great - can we see it?)

You may be able to use the GLI to do some of this things you mentioned;

Geenstone does have thesauri support in PHIND the phrase browser.

The GLI 'enrich' pane CAN set metadata to groups of items:

1. You have to put the photos you want to assign metadata to in a folder using the yellow 'new folder' icon in the gli (while in the 'Gather' page)
See this image :

2. Move the files into the folder (you can select a group and drag them)
[You may be lucky enough to already have your photos in appropriate folders]

3. Change to the 'enrich' page and select the folder you want to assign metadata to
you can enter metadata as if you were selecting a single object
[Note the groovy message telling you what you have done...and the ominous warning that you cannot remove metadata - 'only replace' whatever that means]

4. See inherited metadata for images/objects in the folder

I hope this helps,




On 1/3/06, mary manning <> wrote:

Happy New Year!


I am hoping that someone will help me figure out how to export or map information from a webform to the enrich page on GSDL.


We are developing an image library for a collection at our archives.  We have chosen to use Qualified Dublin Core for out metadata.  I have developed a very simple web form with all the qualified fields.  From the webform, you can link to websites with thesauri and other standards.  The webform also allows us to have pull down fields for certain fields and permanent fields (so that data that is the same for all the items does not need to be entered over and over again).  With access to these online resource and other the other mentioned features, the web form is much easier to enter metadata on than the enrich page of GSDL.  The fields on the form are identical to the fields for Qualified Dublin Core on the "enrich" page of GSDL.  


How can we export or map this metadata from the webform to the enrich page on GSDL? 





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