Re: [greenstone-users] PPTPlug and PagedImgPlug

From Stephen DeGabrielle
DateWed, 4 Jan 2006 00:59:35 +0930
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] PPTPlug and PagedImgPlug
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I think the '-use_sections' will create a html document with sections. (pages)

Sorry, but I am not familiar with the '-convert_to' facilities.  have you tried manually inspecting the contents of your /archives/ folder - it often gives you a good idea as to what is going on.

sorry I can't be more helpful

have a good new year


On 1/3/06, Sharad Jadhav <> wrote:
With best wishes for new year, thank you, all there at GSDL development at University of Waikato and list members for the wonderful support and inputs that we have received regarding development of digital library with GSDL.
Further, regarding my earlier query, I am now able to make a hierarchical document (containing Table of Contents) from PPTs as original source material using PPTPlug and PagedImgPlug. I am trying to do the same with PDF files. But even assigning the options to PDFPlug as
PDFPlug -convert_to pagedimg_jpg But while importing PDF documents, they are converted in HTML format and not PagedImg.
Sharad Jadhav,
National Insurance Academy,
Pune 45