[greenstone-devel] Plugin not working in the knew svn download of Gli

From Amin Hedjazi
DateMon Jan 19 20:13:04 2009
Subject [greenstone-devel] Plugin not working in the knew svn download of Gli
hello all
*i have a problem *here i wonder if any body can help me
i hade designed a plugin to work with a particular data type for importing
i used part of unknown plug and part of zip plug and a little coding by my
self to do that
and used the plug in with my older Gli version that i had ( about 3 months
old downloaded from the with the gs3)
*it worked fine with that gli *
but resently* i had downloaded greenstone3 and the gli form the svn* and
compiled them
the library and its gli are working fine and can import and build any type
of data with the present plugins
but* whene i put myplugin.pm file in the gs2build/perllib/plugin where it
was for my last installation*
*my plug in does not appear in the list in gli *!!!

Please help

thax Amin
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