[greenstone-users] Web library installation of Greenstone 2.81

From Rajan
DateMon Jan 12 23:09:58 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Web library installation of Greenstone 2.81
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Dear Dr John Rose,

Web library installation of Greenstone 2.81 was very simple when I experimented.

I installed the Apache 2.2.9 at D:Program FilesApache GroupApache

Then the Greenstone 2.81 was installed at D:Program FilesGreenstone2

Then the following two paragraphs were copied to the httpd.cfg file.

ScriptAlias /gsdl/cgi-bin "D:/Program Files/Greenstone2/cgi-bin"

<Directory "D:/Program Files/Greenstone2/cgi-bin">

Options None

AllowOverride None


Alias /gsdl "D:/Program Files/Greenstone2"

<Directory "D:/Program Files/Greenstone2">

Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks

AllowOverride None

Order allow,deny

Allow from all


Then I modified the following three lines in the gsdlsite.cgf file in the cgi-bin directory of Greenstone, after removing the # mark.

gsdlhome "D:Program FilesGreenstone2"

httpprefix "/gsdl"

httpimg "/gsdl/images"

Then I got the web installation of gsdl by the address http://localhost/gsdl/cgi-bin/library


K Rajasekharan


Original Message:
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2009 15:51:16 +0100
From: John Rose <johnrose@alumni.caltech.edu>
Subject: MORE: Re: Re: [Fwd: [greenstone-users] Web library
installation of gsdl 2.81]

I can answer most of my own questions now, for
other non-specialists, thanks to Diego Spano:

You don't have to rename "server.exe" in the
greenstone2 home directory to get the webserver
to work. This was suggested only so that GLI
would promote for a database preview path, but
this path can be specified in the GLI
Preferences, Connection tab. In any case, you
have to call the web server version from your
browser (with a url like
http://localhost/gsdl/cgi-bin/library), not with
the "Greenstone Server" Start menu entry (which
strangely calls the local server even if
"server.exe" has been renamed, as long as it still has an exe extension).

You don't have to add an exe extension to
"library" in the cgi-bin subdirectory, as long as
you refer to it as "library" and not
"library.exe" in the calling url and in the GLI
Preferences, Connection tab. Similarly,
"oaiserver" in the etc subdirectory does not need
the exe extension that it had in v2.80 in order
to get the OAI-PMH server function to work.

However, in order to get the webserver to work,
you will probably have to edit the gsdlsite.cfg
file in the cgi-bin subdirectory, notably by
ensuring that the gsdlhome parameter ponts to the
Greenstone 2 home directory (e.g.
gsdlhome "c:Program Filesgreenstone2", don't
forget parenthesis if there are spaces in the
path), and also the httpprefix and httpimg
parameters if the webserver's DocumentRoot is not
the Greenstone home directory (for example,
"httpprefix /gsdl httpimg" and "/gsdl/images" if
the alias for the home director is gsdl). I did
not have to specify the remaining parameters
(gwcgi, javahome and perlpath) even though the
instructions in the gsdlsite.cfg implied that I
should have had to do so (perhaps Waikato colleagues can advise on this).

Best regards, John

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