[greenstone-users] Importing images with xmp metatdata in greenstone 2.83

From Abhijeet Dubhashi
DateThu Jan 7 09:23:19 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Importing images with xmp metatdata in greenstone 2.83
Hello All,
I'm using Greenstone version 2.83. I'm trying to build a collection of TIFF
images which have metadata in xmp and IPTC format. The metadata was
created using Adobe bridge software. Adobe bridge is an external metadata
container, I used this tool earlier to create metadata for my images, now
I'm trying to build a collection in greenstone (GLI) and I'm trying to
import the images into greenstone without having to type in the metadata all
over again. I'm hoping that there should be a way to retain the metadata
that was created in Adobe bridge because that is in xmp format.

I tried to build the collection using GLI and in the 'enrich' tab I used
Image plug in and Extendedmetadata plug in. When I clicked on the preview
collection I saw that the images were retained in the collection but the
metadata had been stripped so there is no text associated with those images.
That makes it harder to retrieve the images from the GLI collection as I
cannot search for them using any keywords.

Can you please point to me what I'm missing? Has someone already worked on
this before? Perhaps there is already a message thread on this topic that
you can point me to?

Thank you very much for your help,
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