Beginner questions

DateWed, 19 Feb 2003 20:49:58 +0100
Subject Beginner questions

I want to make a little digital library about de efects of the Prestige oil
spill in my village in Galicia (NW spain). I am going to translate Greenstone
interface into galician, and in another message someone write something about a
translator interface, so I need information about this.

Have someone compiled a list of freely accesible case studies, presentations,
examples, etc. about Greenstone? (The example supplied by G. Paynter was very
useful to me.)

What tools are you using to generate metadata.xml, besides Organizer, specially
in Linux?

When have you planned to release the next version of Greenstone? Have this
version important changes? Will be worthwhile waiting for?

Thanks in advance

Xaqu?n Lores

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